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A conversation with a special Frenchman…

November 16, 2015
Outside the French Consulate in Boston

One never knows who will step inside my car… I have had the pleasure of delivering close to 9,000 people to their destinations over the past year and I have had conversations with them all… it is one of the main reasons I am doing what I do… from captains of industry to people running for governor and so many interesting people in between… and everyone has a story.

Today was no different as I stopped by the International School in Boston to pick up a man standing outside the school.  I immediately noticed his French accent and me being me… inquired further.  It turned out to be Valéry FRELAND, the Consulate General of France in Boston.  I offered my sympathy and support to the French people for the barbaric and sensesless act of violence that occurred in Paris just 3 days ago.  Val’ery expressed that the attacks this year have been in response to France’s involvement in fighting ISIS and the sites that were hit represent the vibrancy and freedom that represent Paris and the French people.

Val’ery was so appreciative of all the support and love that they have received from people all over New England. As I dropped Val’ery off at the French Consulate in Boston I felt no sense of defeat… only strength & resolve!


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