Interesting people, places, conversations, experiences & insights brought to you by a guy, who took some time off from corporate enterprise sales to take an Uber sabbatical... and that sabbatical continues 4 years later! ...Please note: Unless a person of fame, I do change the names and all vital particulars that might identify the people I write about (for their privacy).

Back Story

April 25, 2015

So here I am… coming close to my first anniversary driving for Lyft then Uber (and sometimes both at the same time).  After 30+ years in B2B sales & working for a few companies that disappointed me… I felt I needed to take a step back, take some time off and do something radically different… UBER?

UBER! Why not?… I am embracing this, after all, my first word was “car”!  And then there was the time I drove across country… several times actually… or, the fact that I wanted to drive an 18 wheeler after college… BUT being in outside sales… I was always out and about… so driving UBER made so much sense.  My plan for now is to explore Boston/Cambridge while transporting peeps to their destinations until I find my next “right” move.

My observations & experiences from the present & the past will be my focus… Find out why this has been a great experience for me…

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    nancy reilly

    April 27, 2015

    Love this and look forward to more posts!

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    April 28, 2015

    Thanks Nancy… I need to stop in sometime and say hi!!!!


Greater Boston, MA

Long story short: I started with Lyft (4) years ago as a sabbatical from enterprise B2B sales. I did not like Lyft for some of their policies and the way they ran their business so, I switched to Uber which I prefer for many reasons. I have found driving for Uber in Boston to be one of the most engaging gigs I have ever experienced.

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