NOW that the Mueller report is complete, guess what? The Wall and immigrants marching to our southern border are back in the news.  The creation of a fear mentality on immigrants coming into the US is something I don’t quite understand.  There’s nothing new about immigrants looking to re-boot their lives in the US, it’s  been a common theme since the first settlers landed on our shores greeted by native Americans.

Of course immigrants today must go through the normal process for entry and nationalization... I am sure we all agree on this.  What I personally have issues with is the made up fear of who they are, not the worst of the worst, but more like every other immigrant who was escaping oppression, violence or just looking for a better life for their loved ones and themselves.

One day, not so long ago, I picked up a gentleman who had a totally different perspective on the immigrants marching to our southern border, one that I found to be quite refreshing... perhaps you will too. Check out this new post, ARMY OF ENTREPRENURS I recently wrote for 


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