Check out these Boston Curbs

It wasn't until I started driving for Uber that I noticed how clean the streets are in the Greater Boston area... I am talking really clean... like spotless!   I am not the only person that noticed this but, it is not from the locals!  When I ask out-of-towners (business people and tourists) how they are enjoying the greater Boston area... I always get a comment on how impressed they are with the cleanliness of this city!  Infact, I tell them if they do happen to see any trash on the streets or sidewalks it is what I call "fresh kill"!

Now, I have figured out why these streets are so clean.  There are (2) main reasons... the first obvious one is the weekly sweepers you see out there slowing down traffic and the other reason is that I have noticed that early each morning people are out sweeping in front of their businesses (curb and sidewalk areas).

There is always a hidden cost to keeping the Boston area so clean and unfortunately it comes at the cost of the residents who park their cars on the street.  Before the sweeping machines get rolling early in the morning... you can often find a fleet of tow trucks all lined up pre-sweep! 

The Boston area can be proud of so many things but, the cleanliness of this area should be high on the list!  I know it makes me proud... so take a look next time you are cruising the streets of Boston & Cambridge.  I think you will be impressed too!


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