Kelly... a young woman on a mission

Kelly is an LA girl but loves the northeast and especially Boston.  She feels LA is filled with too many people that are too focused on their bank accounts and their bodies.  Kelly is a senior at Boston Conservatory and wants to sing and dance and act for her career.  She plans to move to NYC and try to put it all together. 

I was dropping her off in Roxbury where she has bartered teaching a little girl who lives there to sing while her dad teaches Kelly to dance in exchange.  I love that kind of creativity... where you can barter your skills for something you might need at that time. 

Kelly appreciates the northeastern way of things... the straight forwardness of people, she likes how direct they are and say what is on their mind... a huge generality but, I understand.  I got this feeling that Kelly will make it in NYC... I certainly hope she will!


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