Will the real Lauren please stand up...

I picked up Lauren today... Lauren and her work mate... dropping them off on Broadway in Cambridge, MA.  I always confirm the name first because if you don't you will end up delivering the wrong people and not get paid for it... it happened to me once and I learned my lesson.  Once confirmed... I was off and on my way but I noticed the destination they said they were going to did not match the one they put into the Uber app.  After they said Nooooo it was correct, then I knew something was wrong.  I checked the waybill and it turned out it was the wrong Lauren... So I turned around and dropped them back where I picked them up and there was the correct Lauren... and she was very cute!

This Lauren was a CEO for a medical device start-up in Boulder, CO and she was going to the Four Seasons Hotel to meet with some Venture Capital folks.  Her company makes a very cool device that alerts women when they are fertile... very cool... and it is not just women who will benefit from this.

I asked her if she could fetch my son who is Colorado and bring him back to me as I only see him once or twice a year... When she heard that he is in Durango she smiled and said she is heading there next week to mountain bike  :)

My son Zach is in School out there and he is a full time student (Senior) who works 30 hours a week as a server, lunch time bartender and this summer doing some management as part of his internship.  The restaurant is called Ken & Sue's and it is highly rated.  Lauren promised me she would stop in with her girl friends for Lunch and say hello to my favorite (& only) son!


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